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Joining me today on Episode 34 of One Happy Podcast - the Officially Unofficial Podcast of Aruba are two very special guests, Debbie Mitchell and Patrick Mallison.  If those names aren’t familiar to you just think back couple of months.  Do you remember a couple from the UK who purchased and began renovation on a villa in the Savaneta area of the island?  It was an incredible project that transformed what was a quaint home relatively traditional looking Aruba home into something truly magnificent.  

There were lots of posts about the project in the various Aruba centered Facebook groups.  Eventually those postings became so popular that a dedicated Facebook page was started for those of us who wanted to keep up. It was then that Fortuna Villas was born.  Then over a 2 month period many of us followed along living vicariously through the adventures of Patrick and Debbie.   If memory serves me, at one point we were even enlisted to help make a design decision.  

Now finally after so many weeks of dedication, focus and hard work Debbie and Patrick were kind enough to come on the show. In this episode of One Happy Podcast we talk about their discovery of the island and how falling in love at first sight compelled them to do what so many of us dream about... buying a home on the island of Aruba.  


On This Episode of One Happy Podcast you will Learn:

  • About a couple who fell so in love with the island they decided to purchase a home on their first trip
  • Why the property is called Fortuna Villas even though there is only one home
  • Some of the advantages to staying in Savaneta
  • The one feature Debbie and Patrick are most proud of
  • About a snorkel mask for those who hate snorkel masks


Restaurants and Attractions Mentioned on this Episode:

  • Iguana Joe's
  • Fermin's
  • The Kitchen
  • The Flying Fishbone
  • Zeerover


Links and resources mentioned this episode:

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