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Which of the following best describes your post Aruba vacation routine?


  1. a) After you arrive home from the airport you go to bed
  2. b) While ignoring your pile of bills you drown your sorrows in beer
  3. c) You immerse yourself in the Travel Channel hoping for a show featuring Aruba
  4. d) You realize you hate your home because it’s not in the high or low rise area of the island
  5. e) Two or more of the above
  6. f) None of the above

If you answered anything but “F” you are prone to Post Aruba Sadness Disorder

What is PASD?

Post Aruba Sadness Disorder is a short to medium term affliction that develops when travelers return to their real lives after having been immersed in the awesomeness that is Aruba.  


I recently returned from another visit to the island of Aruba.  Just like your typical Aruba vacation this one was fantastic.  On a future episode of the show I will be doing a recap of what went down on the island.  Truthfully it’s been hard for me to get back to recording as I have been in a bit of a funk.  Actually that may be an understatement.  Post Aruba Sadness Disorder had completely taken a hold of me and it’s been quite the struggle to come out the other side. 

What you will learn on this episode of One Happy Podcast

  • What Arubaphiles mean by “The Crying Room”
  • Why unpacking is key to beating PASD
  • The importance of grocery shopping and cooking
  • How household chores may be just the pick me up that you need
  • A full proof way to get rid of Post Aruba Sadness Disorder

The most important takeaway from Episode 44 of One Happy Podcast

Ending a trip to Aruba is without a doubt rewarding because you were lucky enough to have been there in the first place.  The problem is flipping the switch from island life back to the real world can be draining.  The key to getting things back on track is to remember, although Aruba is really freaking awesome your real life is pretty darn good.  You have friends, family, pets and hobbies and they exist back home not on island.  So while the island is great the things that really make life special actually exist in your real life.

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