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Today on Episode 80 of One Happy Podcast, I am being joined by a couple of Aruba-lovers who just returned from their 13th trip to the island.  Bev and Bill Flood first visited the island via cruise ship but very quickly they stopped window shopping.  The couple’s second visit to Aruba would be a full blown vacation, rather than a cruise stop.  By the end of that second trip, Bill and Bev would purchase a timeshare at the Marriott.  

This interview is the Flood’s taking us on a journey to their Aruba.  Not only do we hear about how they discovered the island, but we also get to hear about their most recent visit. Having just returned from the island literally earlier that week, Bev and Bill were full of enthusiasm and also information.  Additionally, we talk about an excursion they did on a past trip that still rings out as one of the biggest highlights of all their vacations to Aruba.

This episode of One Happy Podcast is a back to the basics episode, featuring a conversation with two fun-loving Aruba vacationers.  We talk about how they first discovered Aruba, where they stay, what they like to do and of course they visit the eye of the hurricane.  Then entire episode lasts about 50 minutes and it is chock full of good times and Aruba vibes.  

On this episode of One Happy Podcast, you will:

  • Hear about the procedure for getting a Palapa at the Marriott
  • Find out about the difference between pool people and beach people
  • Hear Bev and Bill’s perspective on when you should you rent a car or not
  • Find all about their experience with the Aruba Trike's excursion
  • Hear about a delicious dining in tradition the couple does on the island

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