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Joining me for Episode 81 of One Happy Podcast is Kristina Tisellano.   Kristina is a repeat guest on the show (Episode 33) where we learned that she has been visiting Aruba since she was 4 years old. Kristina is an owner at the Playa Linda but her timeshare weeks are in the summer.  This time around Kristina was on the island for Carnival.  However, unlike most of us, Kristina wasn’t on Aruba to watch Carnival, she was there to participate.  

In this interview Kristina shares the story of her latest adventure which took place this February.  The main focus of this trip to Aruba was to participate in Carnival but the two of us discuss so much more.  Kristina shares with us, this awesome apartment she rented for the week.  Also, Kristina and I talk about a couple of topics I receive inquiries about on a weekly basis; healthy eating and nightlife.  Having basically grown up on the island Kristina is thoroughly in tune with the after dark festivities that go on around the island and as a self-described pescatarian she can speak to that a lot better than my meat loving ass.

This episode of One Happy Podcast was a lot of fun to record and also pretty inspirational if you are someone that has some trepidation about doing something on the island.  Kristina had a dream of wanting to be in Carnival, and she set out to make it happen.  During that same timeframe I was also on the island and went skydiving, making a dream of mine happen.  I’m sure you dream about something, we all do, go out and make yours happen.

On this episode of One Happy Podcast, you will:

  • Hear  about the nightlife on the island from someone who has been visiting since she was 4 years old
  • Get a description of what the morning after Carnival feels like
  • Learn why Aruba loves house music so much
  • Find out how to eat healthy while on vacation in Aruba
  • Learn a pretty cool Air BNB trick to expand your available options
  • Hear the difference between a Pitaya Bowl and Acai Bowl
  • Find out what it’s like to be in a Carnival parade


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Outtro music is called INSIDE THE THING by 'N FUZION FT. BUDDY the full video can be seen here


Also a very special thank you to Empire Carnival Group (Clary and Darren)

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