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On Episode 82 of One Happy Podcast, I am fortunate enough to be joined by two guests, Gae and Charlie Bailey.   The Bailey’s have been traveling to Aruba for 14 years and are absolutely in love with the island.  You could call their introduction to the island and act of divine intervention but you’ll have to listen to know what I mean.  Over time they have increased their time spent on Aruba with each visit.  This last trip the Bailey’s were able to stay for a total of six weeks, which is an absolute dream for most of us.


In this interview, Gae and Charlie take us on a trip to their Aruba, which is filled with friends, fun, and adventure.  Six weeks on Aruba is a long time and needs to be treated differently from your standard vacation. Gae and Charlie clue us in on how it’s possible to vacation for that long without breaking the budget.  Over the course of their trip, they stayed at 5 different properties and tell us about each of them.  Additionally, Gae and Charlie tell us about their incredible Carnival experience, some excellent and budget friendly Aruba restaurants and how they like to spend their days on the island.  


This episode is awesome because it gives you a different perspective on how to do Aruba.  For many of us, an Aruba vacation ends up being days on the beach, dinner in an expensive restaurant and then the casino at night.  That’s style of vacation isn’t sustainable for most of us over a long period of time.  This podcast episode is about an alternative method of Aruba vacation that emphasizes the island’s natural charm, incredible people and a sense of adventure, all of which are free.  If you are someone who has wondered what it would be like to stay on the island for an extended period of time you are definitely going to want to listen to episode 82 of One Happy Podcast - 6 weeks in Aruba with Gae and Charlie Bailey.

On this episode of One Happy Podcast, you will:

  • Hear how their discovery of Aruba can best be described as divine intervention
  • Get in-depth details about the 5 properties they stayed at around the island
  • Learn some awesome money saving tips that help make spending six weeks on Aruba affordable
  • Get tips on how to pack for a 6-week stay on the island
  • Find out what a Boat and Breakfast is and why you want to stay there
  • Have your soul warmed by the couple’s effusive love for Aruba


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