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On Episode 83 of One Happy Podcast, the officially unofficial podcast of the island of Aruba, I am being joined by Melissa Rose.  Having just returned from her second trip to the island, Melissa is already a full-fledged Aruba-holic.  Now Melissa was just in Aruba a couple of weeks ago and was nice enough to stop by One Happy Podcast to share her Aruba story.  

In this interview, Melissa tells me all about her family vacation spent with her husband and two teenaged boys.  Being a first-time vacation home renter, I was curious to hear about her experience with “Vacation Rental by Owners” (VRBO).  I was also curious to see how the rental life compared to her previous stay at an Eagle beach resort.  Melissa walks me through her family vacation including her trips to the various beaches of the island, as well as an excursion that she absolutely loves.  

The reason why this episode is a favorite is because not only does Melissa do a great job of providing useful information but she does it in a way that places you there.  By the end, I almost felt like I tagged along with them on their family trip.  Even though Melissa is relatively new to the island, this interview proves that everyone has something to teach.  I learned quite a bit from my talk with Melissa and I hope you will as well.  At the very least I guarantee you will be entertained and warmed by the love she shows for One Happy Island, on episode 83 of the Officially Unofficial Podcast of the Island of Aruba.

On this episode of One Happy Podcast, you will:

  • Hear what it’s like to rent a townhouse in Gold Coast
  • Listen to Melissa describe a buffet that you must visit if traveling with picky eaters… something for everyone.
  • Find out about an awesome local guided snorkel excursion
  • Learn ow someone who rents a vacation home deals with the Aruba beach palapa situation
  • From Melissa why you should be a guest on One Happy Podcast

Properties and Services mentioned this episode:

  • Gold Coast
  • La Cabana

Restaurants and Excursions mentioned this episode:


Links and Resources Mentioned in this episode of the show:


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