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Joining me on Episode 84 of One Happy Podcast is Michelle Kalina.  Michelle is a yoga instructor, health and wellness coach and a fellow Aruba lover.  Last month Michelle had the unique opportunity of teaching a sunset yoga class at the Aruba Renaissance, a class that some of you may have had the opportunity of participating in.  


I intended to reach out to Michelle prior to the class taking place, but there just was not enough time.  However, after hearing just how awesome it was, I decided to reach out after the fact to see if Michelle would be willing to come on the show… she was.


So, this interview is Michelle Kalina sharing her Aruba story.  The main focus of this episode was the trip she and her family just returned from.  We talk about the Marriott where they stayed,  some of the activities they experienced and many of the restaurants they enjoyed on their vacation.  


What I really love about this episode is not only does it feature an awesome Aruba story, but also has an underlying theme.  This was a very active and fitness-focused vacation with the highlight being Michelle’s sunset yoga class.  I don’t know about you guys, but for me, when on vacation it’s sometimes hard to maintain any semblance of restraint.  Hearing the Aruba story of someone who lives such a healthy lifestyle not only provides inspiration but also gives me ideas on what I can incorporate into my next vacation.  Hopefully my interview with Michelle Kalina of Michelle K Yoga on episode 84 of One Happy Podcast resonates with you in a similar fashion.


On this episode of One Happy Podcast, you will:

  • Hear why you should never worry about the weather report in Aruba
  • Get Michelle’s take on the Renaissance Island experience
  • Discover how Yemanja makes it easy for those with dietary restrictions to determine what fits their needs.
  • Find out about the palapa procurement procedures at the Marriott Ocean Club
  • Get tips from Michelle K about how to eat healthy on a vacation in Aruba
  • Find out the deeper more spiritual meaning to the rock formations tourists refer to as “wishing rocks”


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