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Joining me for  Episode 85 of One Happy Podcast is long time Aruba visitor Donna Dubrink.  How long has Donna been visiting Aruba?  She has been visiting for 24 years and still loves the island just as much as she did the first time.


Recently Donna was in Aruba staying at her beloved Playa Linda Timeshare and was nice enough to stop by to talk about it.  Now, just because Donna stays at a resort on a prime location on Palm Beach don’t think she only stays around the resort.  Donna is an explorer at heart.  This love for exploration has led her to discover countless nooks and crannies around the island.


So, on this episode of the show Donna takes us back 24 years to when she first stepped off the plane onto the tarmac of the airport.  Over that time she has experienced many different accommodations but the Playa Linda is home, and also the place where her most recent trip is centered.   We talk about that trip and how someone who has been visiting Aruba for more than 2 decades still finds a way to enjoy the island and discover new aspects of it.

On this episode of One Happy Podcast, you will:

  • Learn when to get a good photo of the most photographed trees in the Caribbean
  • Find out about the best spot on the island to watch the sunset with a bottle of wine
  • Hear what makes the Tranquillo different from other snorkel excursions
  • Learn what is drift snorkeling
  • Hear about Donna's favorite place to snorkel from the beach
  • Find out which restaurant would Donna recommend to a best friend who has never been to Aruba
  • Discover what water sports activity sounds like a freight train
  • Find out Donna's “goto” for 2 for 1 pina colada's


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