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Episode 86 of One Happy Podcast is one in which we tackle the subject of renting a vacation home in Aruba.  As you already know I’m a bit of a veteran when it comes to vacation rentals, but to make certain I got the absolute best info for you guys I went out to get professional help.  So, I reached out to Liz Ginocchio of to provide her expertise in Aruba vacation rentals.


Although private vacation rentals have been around forever, with the explosion of AirBnB over the last few years, they are finally coming to the forefront.  People are seeing the value and personalization that comes along when you decide to explore what’s out there and they are getting curious.  Anytime I am asked where I stay (and answer “in a private home”) it kicks off a conversation about what it’s like renting a home in Aruba.  Those questions and conversations were the inspiration for this episode of the show.


My Aruba Dream Villa is one of the top property management and vacation rental agencies on the island.  During this interview, we talk to Liz about not only her rental agency but about renting in general.  This episode isn’t about trying to sway anyone’s opinion as to which is the better vacation option. Episode 86 is all about providing information so you as the consumer are informed about all of your options.  

On this episode of One Happy Podcast, you will:

  • Discover why private rentals have amenities that can sometimes trump resorts
  • Learn what to look for in a rental
  • Find out the process for going from window shopping to booking
  • Hear why owning your very own Aruba vacation rental could be a great business decision
  • Find out how to get great deals on rentals
  • Learn about an exclusive concierge service renters can use


Links and Resources Mentioned in this episode of the show:

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