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So this episode of One Happy Podcast was recorded down on the island.  What I wanted to do was capture the excitement of checking in with you guys on location.  So here we have yours truly and Maggie G. discussing some of the highlights of our Summer 2017 Aruba Getaway. While Aruba is widely regarded as a place that has perfect weather this past week, was an improvement even upon that.and thanks in part to that weather, this trip has been absolute perfection.


Our first night was spent in the company of friends at Alfie's in celebration of Canada's 150th birthday. It was a night jam-packed with fun and spent in a sea of red and white, which are the colors of Canada. Canada Day at Alfie’s was filled with good vibes, good food, and good drinks that never seemed to end.


As talked about in the previous episode, we celebrated the 4th of July at Palm Beach with the awesome folks from the Playa family in a huge beach party. The view of the fireworks display was nothing short of breathtaking. It really doesn't get any better than an up close, unobstructed view of the fireworks. I did a Facebook live of this event — if any of you were up to witness it — which basically was my way of bringing you guys into the Independence Day celebration that Aruba put on for us Americans.


We also attended one of the Aruba Ray's Comedy shows, which did not disappoint, of course. Maggie and I were in complete stitches the whole time. Those guys are absolutely hilarious and we recommend everyone to check them out! Aruba Ray has been on the show numerous times so even if you have not yet attended one of his shows, if you have been listening for a while you are probably familiar with him. However, if you are relatively new and you would like to know more about "Aruba" Ray’s Comedy you can get to know him by listening to One Happy Podcast episodes 88, 77, 71.5, 71, 40, 21, and 7.


Wrapping up our highlights is a recount of the wonderful time we had with friends from the forums.  We met up at Legend's Pub for a quick little meet and greet and also we had a superb night out with our good friend Anne at Yemanja, a new favorite restaurant of ours.


Make sure to stay tuned for the wrap-up of our Summer Aruba trip in the next episode! We'll list out a comprehensive list of all the restaurants we visited as well as our thoughts about them, a summary of our mini adventures, a recollection of the amazing memories we made, and much more.




- Listen to a story about what goes on in the casino after Aruba Ray’s Comedy.

- Learn why Canada Day at Alfie’s in Aruba was not to be missed

- Hear about how I became slightly starstruck upon meeting the actress Emily Tarver from Orange is the New Black.

- Know my reaction to an unusual drink I had at Legend’s Pub

- Find out about our jello shot filled nights thanks to a woman who's famous for making hundreds of them. (To know more about Sherry "Jello" Pence, check out episode 60 of One Happy Podcast.)

- Hear my account of why Playa Linda may be the closest knit timeshare property on the island.





Eduardo's Beach Shack

Legend's Pub

Matthew's Beachside Restaurant

Passion on the Beach Restaurant

Scott’s Brats

Yemanja Woodfire Grill


Aruba Ray's Comedy

Marriott Hotel and Stellaris Casino

Playa Linda Beach Resort


Emily Tarver

Orange is the New Black

Tony Woods

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