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It has been a week since Maggie and I left the paradise of Aruba and we're here again to bring you the conclusion of our Summer 2017 Getaway trilogy. Don't forget to check out episode 89 and 90 for the first and second parts of this series.


I have to say, this has been one of the most laid-back vacations we've ever had. There was no adventuring involved this time. We just kicked back, relaxed, and basked in the calmness of the One Happy Island. Let me give you a summarized recount of our experience from our recent 8-day trip.


After a long work week, we couldn't wait to strap in and head out to the airport for our flight to begin our getaway. For the first time in the history of our vacations in Aruba, we didn't hit the beach on the first day which was regrettable, however, our night was a complete blast thanks to the celebration of Canada Day over at Alfie's.


This trip marked our very first 4th of July celebration in the island and now we want to do it every single year there. An absolutely breathtaking view of the fireworks from Palm Beach surrounded by friends in a great beach party? We couldn't have asked for more.


We laughed our tummies out at Aruba Ray's Comedy which we watched twice during our stay, featuring "Aruba" Ray Ellin, Pete Lee, Tony Woods, Mike Britt, Adrian Iapalucci, and Nimesh Patel. To find more about Aruba Ray Comedy, go to or listen to One Happy Podcast episodes 88, 77, 71.5, 71, 40, 21, and 7.


We also spent an amazing evening at Legends Pub for the biggest meet-up we've attended with people from the official Aruba forums as well as a pleasant dinner at Yemanja's with one of our dear friends, Anne.


There's always that bittersweet feeling when leaving Aruba which feels like we're leaving home somehow. And this trip was no exception. We're already counting down the days for our next trip!


So long, our paradise. Until we meet again.



- Gather our input from the restaurants we've dined at and some of the best dishes we've ever tasted.

- Hear my trick for scoring half price airplane drinks

- Listen to our discussion about the best places to get Italian hotdogs in North Jersey.

- Learn more about the unusual pickleback drink, Sherry "Jello" Pence, and Lia the talented little performer which were all mentioned in the previous episode.

- Hear about our regrets with missing out on a tempting offer from the Airline in exchange of a delayed flight.




Dickie Dee's World Famous Italian Hot Dogs and Pizza

Jimmy G's Famous Hot Dogs

Double Tree Hotel

Amigo Car Rental


New Wai Tai

Urataka Pizza

Pizza Bob's

Aruba Ray's Comedy


Scott's Brats

Sole Mare

El Mexicano

Aruba’s Hands

Matthew's Beachside Restaurant

Ricardo's Restaurant and Bar

Barefoot Restaurant

Quinta del Carmen

Bugaloe Beach Bar & Grill

Legends Pub Bar

Fermin's Bar BQ

Yemanja’s Woodfire Grill

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