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In my ongoing quest to find the best guests for One Happy Podcast I was thrilled when Rob and Cindy O from the message boards accepted my invitation. Rob and Cindy have been visiting Aruba with their daughters since 1997 and have over that time accumulated a number of timeshare properties.



As Rob and Cindy gear up for their 19th trip we discuss what made them choose Aruba as a vacation destination as well as what keeps them coming backyear after year.  While its true that seventeen years ago Cindy and Rob decided to invest in Aruba, more importantly this decision was also an investment in their family and to this day that investment continues to pay dividends.

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On today's episode of One Happy Podcast I talk with Andrea James who has been visiting the island for over 30 years. 

Over the course of those 30 plus years Andrea has seen Aruba transform from little known Caribbean paradise to one of the most popular Caribbean vacation destinations hosting over 1 million visitors each year.  When not in Aruba, Andrea also doubles as one of the "Rockstar" forum moderators over at  Today I talk to Andrea about not only how the island has changed but also what it's like to tasked with keeping arguably the most active Aruba online community drama and spam free.

Over the course of the 46 minute interview one thing becomes clear... Andrea loves Aruba.  Andrea's  passion for her second home definitely shines through and will leave you wanting to book a trip the minute you finish listening.

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