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Joining me for this 19th episode of One Happy Podcast is Cheryl Talcof.  Having first visited Aruba in 1972 Cheryl had visited the island for 40 years right up until the time she decided to make a permanent move.  Now she lives there year round and is here to tell us about about what it's like for a North American living on Aruba.

Throughout this episode Cheryl takes us on a journey that begins with her visiting a little known piece of rock in the Caribbean all the way through her permanent move to the island.  Over the course of this interview you gain an insight into Aruba that not many tourists will ever know.  

Sure we have all dreamt of making the move from our normal lives to a dream life in paradise but Cheryl actually did it.  If this is a dream that you have had you will definitely want to listen to this episode to see if moving is something you truly want to pursue further.  If you have already decided that relocating is something you WILL be doing in the future then you definitely will want to hear everything Cheryl has to say about life in Aruba.


On this episode you will hear about:

When will you know its time to move to Aruba

Tips for shipping your belongings to Aruba

Arubans and American Football

The Number 1 mindset change you must make to adjust to aurba

Cheryl explains why you should NOT take the all inclusive option

Cheryl's first hand account of just how safe Aruba is


The Aruba Spay and Neuter Fundraising Campaign

The Aruba Spay and Neuter Fundraising Campaign - During the episode Cheryl mentioned the campaign to help raise funds to jumpstart a spay/neuter program for Aruba.  By visiting the link here you can learn more about this amazing opportunity to help improve Aruba.  

As perfect as we may see the island there is always something that can be improved.  On Aruba there is a glaring need for a way to not only help the dogs and cats being born but for a way to get the ever growing problem under control.  Give what you can to this program and you can make a difference.  


Links and Resources Mentioned this episode:


KuKoo Kunuku

Ritz Carlton

Marriot Ocean Club

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Joining me on this 18th episode of One Happy Podcast are two phenomenal guests, Lori Donlan and her very talented 8 year old daughter Chloe.  Lori first visited Aruba in 2004 and since then has been back 7 times, 2 of them with Chloe.  

Even though Chloe is only 8 she has traveled pretty extensively but absolutely loves Aruba, so much that she actually wrote a song about Aruba.  Chloe and Lori are animal lovers and have visited many of the different animal centered attractions of Aruba and we'll hear all about that.  In addition we hear about the Aruba Marriot Surf Club and their kids club program that gets extremely high marks from 8 year old Chloe.  

If you travel or are planning to travel to Aruba with small children, this is an episode of One Happy Podcast that simply don't want to miss.

On this episode you will hear about:

The Aruba Marriot Surf Club's kids program

Why the Kukoo Kunuku isn't just for adults anymore

8 Year old Chloe's favorite Aruban delicacy

An option for those who want to keep their gear in Aruba

Why you should or should not wear colorful clothing to the Butterfly Farm

Many different kindnesses Aruban residents have shown the Donlans


Restaurants mentioned in this episode:

Aruba Hyatt - Pampered in Paradise

Diana's Pancakes Place


Dutch Pancake House

Flying Fishbone

Linda's Pancakes

Texas De Brazil


Links and Resources Mentioned this episode:

Aruba Donkey Sanctuary

Aruba Butterfly Farm

Phillips Animal Garden

Kukoo Kunuku  Animal Lovers Tour

Marriott Aruba Surf Club

Renaissance Aruba

Timeshare Storage Aruba


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Today on One Happy Podcast it is my pleasure to present to you an episode I did with a wonderful guy, James Haroutunian.  James is a Massachusetts native who first visited Aruba 14 years ago as a newlywed for his honeymoon with his beautiful wife Amy.  Well now they are returning to the island for the first time since then with their two incredible children Isabelle and Jack.

This interview is very special as it actually takes place in two parts.  During the first half you will hear about how they spent that first trip.  James takes us back in time and we explore the island through his eyes.  Then we talk about the expectations he has for this upcoming trip. Then in the second half of the interview James returns to fill us in on where Aruba is as special as he remembers.  

Throughout the interview we also are joined by a couple of very special guests who offer their opinions on our favorite vacation destination.  

 In this episode you will hear about:


  • What Aruba was like for a couple of newlyweds 14 years ago
  • Why you should choose the Radisson for your next vacation
  • A pizza recommendation from a 12 year old expert on the subject
  • Awe breakfast recommendations
  • The reason why any family with kids should run,not walk to book their next trip to Aruba

Restaurants mentioned in this episode:

  • Papiamento
  • Flying Fishbone
  • Giligans
  • Pelican’s Nest
  • Bugaloe
  • Amore Mia
  • Eduardo’s Juice Beach Shack
  • The Bread Basket

Links and Resources from the episode:

  • One Happy Podcast – The Officially Unofficial Podcast of the Island of Aruba
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Joining me today on One Happy Podcast is another fantastic guest.  On this episode of the officially unofficial podcast of Aruba I am being joined by the incredibly talented Connecticut photographer Heather Hudson.  

Heather is a newcomer to Aruba who just returned from a trip where she and her husband Adam were in Aruba to celebrate a very special occasion, Adam's birthday.  While they were there to relax, have a great time and celebrate somewhere along the way they ended up becoming full blown members of our tribe of Arubaphiles.  

Although the Marriot was their home base they didn't stay glued to the resort grounds.  In the middle of their stay Heather and Adam rented a jeep so they could explore the other side of the island.  They even managed to make that treacherous drive to the Natural Pool.  In this 16th episode of One Happy Podcast you will hear all about their exploration, restaurants visited and of course why you should visit Aruba.


In this episode you will hear about:

The moment Heather fell in love with Aruba

Heather's experiences renting a vehicle

What the drive to the natural pool is like

Heather's recommendation for a restaurant that you should not miss


Restaurants mentioned in this episode:

Flying Fishbone

Linda's Dutch Pancakes


Passions on the Beach


Links and Resources from this episode:

Heather Hudson Photography

Marriot Aruba Surf Club

Papasan Collapsible Water Float

We Love Aruba! - Facebook Group


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