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Joining me today on One Happy Podcast is Diana Brown.  Diana is an Aruba-phile that was first introduced to the island many years ago as a result of her Grandmother being a long time timeshare owner.  Although her relationship with the island started off rocky, over the years it has progressed to the point where Aruba has become like a second home to her.  These days she makes the trip from California to the Caribbean more often than she does to her native New York.


Some of you may know Diana from a few of the Aruba Facebook groups where she can be seen dispensing information on a variety of topics.  Anyone who makes 3 trips each year to Aruba is bound to have picked up a load of information along the way and she is always very generous in sharing.  This interview is just one more instance of her giving back to the Aruba vacationer’s community.

Over the course of this interview Diana and I talk about everything from best practices to use when renting a villa to who has the best Sangria on the island.  Of course the highlight of the episode is the eye of the hurricane where I hit Diana with a series of questions and we find out a ton of information.  Will she be able to weather the storm?

  • In this episode of One Happy Podcast you will hear about:
  • Why someone who lives so close to Hawaii chooses to do Aruba instead
  • When to choose a villa as opposed to a timeshare
  • Questions to ask when you are looking to book a rental from someone
  • Who has the good Sangria on Aruba
  • What happens when your 70 year old mother is more of a daredevil than you are


Restaurants mentioned in this episode of the show:

  • Chalo burger
  • Wacky Wahoo
  • El Gaucho
  • Quinta Del Carmen
  • Gianni’s
  • Zeerover
  • Red Fish

Links and Resources mentioned this episode:

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