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This week on One Happy Podcast I am being joined by Bill Mora and Christina Canzoneri the team behind Aruba Trip Tips.  If you aren’t familiar with Aruba Trip Tips, well you should be as it’s another great information resource focused on helping visitors get the most out of their visit to the island.  Jam packed with tips and information Aruba Trip Tips was created to lessen or maybe even eliminate the learning curve it takes for visitors to get their bearings so they can start enjoying Aruba as quickly as possible.


In this episode we learn all about how the island inspired the creation of Aruba Trip Tips starting from Bill’s first visit to the island with his father up until his current visits with his wife.  We also learn how he introduced his longtime friend and business associate Christina to the island which captivated her as well.  The Trip Tips team goes through it all when they fell in love with Aruba, things they enjoy on the island and also the always popular “Eye of the Hurricane” where we pick their brains to find out how they do Aruba.


Throughout the interview you will not only learn about the current features of Aruba Trip Tips but you will also hear about what the team has in store for the future.  If that isn’t enough Bill and Christina tell you all about the sister site Aruba Festivals where you can go to find out all about the ever growing number of festivals taking place on One Happy Island.  If you are planning to visit Aruba and want to be as prepared as possible for your upcoming trip Aruba Trip Tips should be bookmarked to your browser.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this latest episode of One Happy Podcast to find out why?

On This Episode You Will Hear About:


  • The most comprehensive vegan alternative restaurant listing

  • Where you should go find the latest Aruba Festival news

  • A great horseback riding excursion you may not know about

  • Why moving to Aruba isn’t for everyone

  • How Bill and Christina would spend their last day in Aruba

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On today’s episode of One Happy Podcast I am being joined by long time Aruba visitor Charlene Richardson who has been traveling to the island of Aruba since 1997.  Since then Charlene has developed a relationship with the island that has made it feel like a second home.  In fact, eventually Charlene plans on retiring in Aruba, but until then she settles for visiting 3 times per year.


In this episode Charlene shares with us how she has come to fall in love with the island as well as how her tastes in accommodations have changed over the years.  Since Charlene stays on Aruba for multiple weeks she is in the unique position to enjoy her stay at the Aruba Marriott as a timeshare owner while also staying at various other resorts around the island.

Of course as someone who has been visiting the island for 18 years she has developed a love for certain Aruba restaurants.  That isn’t to say she always dines at the same places each trip as Charlene prides herself on visiting different establishments each visit.  Now as a result of having developed a friendship with fellow New Englander turned permanent Aruba resident Cheryl Talcof (Episode 19) her exposure to the entire island has to offer has increased exponentially.

Throughout this interview you will get to know Charlene and the island of Aruba through Charlene’s experiences on the island.  If you are looking to get an idea of what activities and restaurants Aruba has to offer you really should carve out a half hour of your time to give this episode a listen.

On This Episode You Will Hear About:

  • Charlene’s white knuckle drive to the Natural Pool
  • Charlene’s NEW favorite restaurant on the Aruba
  • Why she feels perfectly fine traveling to Aruba by herself
  • How meeting a local friend can completely change your life


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