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On this, the 38th episode of One Happy Podcast I am being joined by native Aruban Howard Nedd.  Howard and I connected via Twitter and where he expressed an interest in coming on the show to speak about growing up in Aruba.   Although Howard was born in paradise he like many other Arubans now resides in the Netherlands.  As many of you know Aruba natives relocating to the Netherlands in search of more opportunity is a common theme.  Well now Howard has reached a point where he is giving serious consideration to moving back to Aruba.  


Seeing as it is currently winter for most of you listening I am sure you are also wishing you could move to Aruba. While the constant 86 degree and breezy weather is a huge plus, Howard’s reason for contemplating a return to his home is different.   Any day now he is expecting the birth of his first child.


Anyone with open eyes and a bit of common sense realizes the way children grow up on Aruba is different than in major metropolitan areas.  Children kicking the soccer ball around on the beaches or enjoying nature is a sharp contrast to the Xbox and PlayStation culture common in the United States and other areas of the world.   Part of that has to do with our weather not being anything close to what Aruba has to offer.  Another part has to do with us forgetting to pay attention to how beautiful this world we live in truly is.  The rest has to do with a misguided belief that because people have so much darn money these days we need to spend it on “stuff”.  Howard hopes to avoid falling into that trap by relocating back to the island to raise his son in a culture that values experiences over things.


On This Episode of One Happy Podcast You Will Learn:

  •         What it was like for Howard growing up on Aruba
  •         How the tourism industry influences how Aruban children grow up
  •         Why Aruban’s relocate to the Netherlands
  •         Where to find the good local food in Aruba
  •         What Howard misses most about Aruba


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On this episode of One Happy Podcast we tackle the subject of how Aruba can save your life and make you a better person. I know you are probably thinking "Aruba Curt you are full of it". Trust me on this one as I have listed 10 ways that taking a trip to Aruba can make a very real and profound difference in your life.

You see, Aruba is more than shopping drinking and eating. It is actually a way of life that when you are exposed to it has the ability to wash away everyday stress. If you have visited there once or twice I am sure you know what I mean. If you have yet to make your first visit to the island soon you will understand. Aruba really does get into your soul.

Ten Ways Aruba Can Change You for the Better:

  • An Aruba Vacation Keeps Your Heart Healthy
  • Vacationing in Aruba reduces the time you spend worrying
  • Spending time together in Aruba makes you hate your partner less
  • Aruba helps guard you against depression
  • Lounging on a Beach in Aruba helps free your mind
  • Spending time in Aruba can help you lose that beer belly
  • Traveling to Aruba will improve your sex life
  • Aruba Vacations make you happier even when you are not on Vacation
  • Taking time off in Aruba will make you a better worker
  • Visiting Aruba will make you less of a jerk
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