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Joining me today for the 42nd episode of One Happy Podcast is an Aruba veteran of 18+ trips.  Having first visited Aruba for his “Funny moon” in 2001 Jay Stull immediately fell in love with the island of Aruba.  Whether it’s the beautiful beaches, ice cold Amstel Bright’s or gentle nature of the island, Jay appreciates Aruba in a way that every visitor should.  

While he frequents and loves the Marriott Ocean Club where he and his wife own a timeshare, Jay also has an appreciation for the rest of Aruba.  Throughout this conversation Jay clues me in on some Aruba bars and restaurants that are not to be missed.  We talk about quite a few restaurants that are rare mentions on the podcast such as Cafe 080 and the Casibari Cafe as well as Aruba staples like Papiamento restaurant.  

In total this interview lasts just over 40 minutes and is full of information that not only newbies but those who have been visiting the island for many years will appreciate.  Whether you want to pick up a bit of the local language, learn a quick way to do a florin to dollar conversion or hear a rundown of some of the best casual dining spots on the island; this is the episode for you.


On This Episode of One Happy Podcast You Will Learn:

  • The ideal qualities for making friends on the island of Aruba
  • Who has the coldest Amstel Bright’s on the island
  • Why if you have a freezer you need to have red solo cups
  • A math hack to convert florins to dollars in your head
  • Where in Aruba you can find a real life knight


Restaurants and Attractions Mentioned on this Episode:


Links and Resources Mentioned this Episode:



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