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This episode of One Happy Podcast features is all about getting away from the beaches and getting to know the other part of Aruba.  The majority of tourists who visit Aruba (myself included) chose the island for the beaches.  However, my guest on this 43rd episode of One Happy Podcast came to the island for a completely different reason, its history.   

Today’s guest Gabriella, already an extensive world traveler first visited the island in 2005 and immediately fell in love.  But unlike most of us, it wasn’t the world famous white sand beaches or the highly acclaimed culinary scene that won her over Gabriella fell in love with the history of Aruba.  It isn’t that Gabriella doesn’t appreciate the beauty of this happy little island she just chooses to look deeper. 

Being an avid photographer Gabriella enjoys getting off the beaten path in search of unique photo opportunities as well as visiting downtown Oranjestad to take it all of its charm and history.  During the course of this nearly hour long episode of One Happy Podcast Gabriella clues us in on many of the sights that go unnoticed by the vast majority of Aruba vacationers.   

On this episode you will hear about:

  • Thoughts and tips from a solo female traveler on Aruba’s safety
  • Awesome places to learn more about Aruba’s history and culture
  • Key reasons why it’s great to have friends on island
  • Gabriella’s feelings on the Aruba stray animal situation
  • The number 1 reason why Gabriella thinks you should visit Aruba

Aruba attractions mentioned on this episode

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