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One Happy Podcast Episode 62 with Liz Ginocchio of Golden Reef Hospitality is one you don’t want to miss.  On this incredible and very inspirational podcast episode you hear directly from Liz why it’s important to remember that you only get one life, live it to the fullest.  It all starts in South Jersey and eventually ends in Aruba but, man are there some twists along the way.  Liz tells us all about her journey from New Jersey to Bonaire back to New Jersey and eventually Aruba.  This is an episode you may want to listen to twice, its so action packed.


Liz first visited Aruba in the early 90s on a layover to Bonaire and little did she know at the time, eventually she would call the island home.  Throughout this 45 minute episode Liz explains to us several different processes that so many of you are curious about.  We learn about relocating to Aruba, as well as what it’s like to purchase and also build a home on the island.  Liz also tells us about her experiences with the health care on Aruba and offers insight into the education system, for those who are thinking about relocating with children.  All in all I have to say this is one of the most informative episodes of the show we have ever done.


Its funny.  One of the questions I struggle with is deciding if Aruba is the perfect vacation spot or a place I could someday call home.  Depending on the day of the week, I go back and forth on this issue.  Well, let me tell you, after spending nearly an hour speaking with someone who has made the switch, I think I know the answer.  Hopefully, after listening to episode 62 of One Happy Podcast - “Liz Ginocchio and Golden Reef Hospitality” you too will be able to answer the question of could you really move to Aruba.

On This Episode of One Happy Podcast you will:

  • Meet someone who absolutely loves to promote the local aspect of Aruba
  • Hear how a life threatening illness would forever change the course of Liz’s life
  • Find out about getting a mortgage in Aruba
  • Learn  about Golden Reef Hospitality and what makes them a different property management company
  • Hear about a new local spin on Aruba meet and greets
  • Get real advice about relocation and building or purchasing a home on the island

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Today is a very special episode of One Happy Podcast, as it features a couple of Aruba locals I have been trying book for about a year now.  However, due to their ridiculously busy schedule, things just never worked out.  Recently their situation has changed and due to the good fortune of being in the right place at the right time we were finally able to get the show booked.  So here we have my interview with Scott and Leslie Steeno from Scott’s Brats.

Scott, Leslie and I sit around for about 40 minutes talking about their journey from Wisconsin to Aruba.  It all starts about 15 years ago and progresses not only until today, but also discusses the future.  During the episode we discuss how they met, what fueled their decision to relocate to Aruba and how a Palm Beach institution came into being. If that isn’t mind blowing enough Scott and Leslie also break news on what their next venture will be.

For as long as Scott’s Brats has been in existance I have followed their progression.  For me it started on the forums where they solicited feedback, through my first visit when operation began and now culminates in this interview. If you have eaten at Scott’s Brats this is a must listen podcast episode and if you have never visited this is a great introduction.  While it’s true Scott and Leslie are now only there one day each week, their concept, their standards and their essence are present each and every day.  


On This Episode of One Happy Podcast you will:

  • The idea that inspired Scott's Brats
  • Why American’s need a mandatory business partner
  • What is a Doc's Brat and how was it created
  • How to get a custom Aruba license plate
  • What's up next for Scott's Brats


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I love to read but on vacation I feel a bit lazy… hence the audiobooks:

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On this episode of One Happy Podcast I am joined by Sherry “Jello” Pence, who is this amazing Aruba visitor who has been coming to the island for 20+ years.  Sherry started coming to the island with her mom.  Recently Sherry passed away and Aruba, in true Aruban, fashion played a part in Sherry being able to honor her in a way she deserved.  On this episode of the show we hear all about this process.  We also learn about how Sherry’s long term relationship with Aruba Beach Club has become instrumental in her love for the island.


Today Sherry and I speak about all the things she has experience over the years that makes Aruba her special place.  We start at her mom introducing her to the island and end in present day.  If you have ever had the pleasure of getting to know her, you’d know just how fun loving Sherry can be.  The crew at Aruba beach club is one she considers family and she considers them the same.


I have personally never stayed at the Aruba Beach Club but this last vacation I took some of Sherry’s recommendations and visited some of her haunts.  When I returned home I made certain to thank Sherry for the places she turned me onto, with Matthews, being a highlight.  I look forward to being able to talk to Sherry in the future to get more recommendations because those I already experienced were spot on.


On This Episode of One Happy Podcast you will:


How Aruba took their hospitality to another level honoring Sherry’s mother

Hear information about Aruba’s honorary ambassador program

What it’s like waking up at the crack of dawn on Eagle Beach

Learn why they call Sherry Pence “Jello”


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I love to read but on vacation I feel a bit lazy… hence the audiobooks:

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On episode 59 of One Happy Podcast Maggie and I discuss our top 5 takeaways from our July 2016 visit to Aruba.  That’s not five altogether, I am talking about 5 things from our July trip that absolutely made things special.  While compiling these lists, it’s hard to narrow things down, which explains why this great from 3 to 5.  However, by the time I was ready to hit the record button I feel that we were ready to move forward.


Now one thing that won’t appear on this list but did make our trip phenomenal is Jay’s Car Rental Aruba.  Jays has been serving the community for about 5 years and the reviews have been phenomenal  They are located in the Sabina Lieber but will soon be expanding their fleet and moving to an even larger location.  This change will allow them to service even more Aruba visitors.  Visit them at  for more information.


When compiling a list like this the problem is trying to narrow it down.  It started as 3 each but that just simply wasn’t enough.  As always, Aruba showed me much love and as tribute I present this podcast.  We talk about all sorts of topics; food, comedy, athletics and of course the beach.  The trip was not nearly as long but the memories as always, will last forever.  


Maggie’s Top 5 List:

  • The Arubian Taste
  • Aruba Ray’s Comedy
  • Spending the last morning at Arashi Beach
  • Going straight to Eagle Beach arrival day
  • Podcasting on location


Aruba Curt’s Top 5 List:

  • ARF Paws for a cause benefit
  • The Food in general
  • The Aruba Hi Winds
  • Karaoke at Matthews
  • Climbing Mt Hooiberg


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