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On episode 71 of One Happy Podcast, I am trying something a bit different.  This podcast episode basically has 2 separate parts, Aruba Ray’s Comedy and Thanksgiving on Aruba.  In the past, I’ve mentioned how I want to mix up show formats.  In addition to the hour-long interview style shows, I also want to do topic and information based shows.  Episode 71 is kind of a glimpse into what a second weekly episode of the show could look like.  


In the first half of the show, I am being joined by Aruba Ray Ellin who is here to tell us about the latest installment of Aruba Ray’s Comedy at the Marriott Stellaris Hotel and Casino.  Aruba Ray’s Comedy runs from November 19th Through December 20th and features a lineup comprised of mostly Aruba newbies.  To me this makes Aruba Ray’s Comedy extra exciting as the energy these comedians bring will be something different than anything the island has ever experienced.


The second half of the show has to do with celebrating Thanksgiving on the island.  While I was surfing around I noticed some of the restaurants on the island set and posted menus.  The more I came across the more I realized that some of you on the island may be able to make use of this information.  This led to me recording the second half of the podcast episode which is me highlighting ten Aruba Thanksgiving menus.  So on this part of the show I share the menus with you and give my recommendations on which I would choose.  


On This Episode of One Happy Podcast you will:

  • Be the first to hear this format of One Happy Podcast
  • Hear all about the November/December edition of Aruba Ray’s Comedy
  • Find out which comedians are coming down to the island to do shows
  • Discover what 10 different restaurants are serving up for Thanksgiving in Aruba
  • Learn the best way to help One Happy Podcast grow

Restaurants mentioned this episode of the show:


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Episode 70 of One Happy Podcast features a guest who has was on the show way back in episode 4 of the show, Vallon Davis.  On my last trip down to Aruba in mid-September, Vallon and I both occupied the island at the same time.  We didn’t have the opportunity to meet, just because vacation and scheduling oftentimes don’t mesh well.  However, upon both of us returning home we made it a point to catch up.  

On this episode, Vallon shares the details of his trip to Aruba.  We talk about the challenges of getting to and from one Caribbean island to another.  What it’s like landing on Aruba at night, the Marriott and the Aruba based books written by Daniel Putkowski.  This interview is nothing like his first one which followed my tried and true formula.  Since Vallon has been a prior guess this is pretty much two friends sitting down and chatting.  

One of the main purposes for Vallon making this trip to Aruba was to reunite with old friends from the island.  One thing that you will learn from his story is just how much of a focus his friends were.  While Aruba is different things for different people, for Vallon it’s not about the fancy restaurants or excursions.  His trips are about visiting a place he absolutely loves and hanging out with the people who make those visits complete.


On This Episode of One Happy Podcast you will:

  • Realize just how easy your 2000 mile trip is compared to Vallon’s 600-mile journey
  • Hear about quite a few Aruba based books
  • Hear about the Carubbian Festival in San Nicolas
  • Get an idea of what it’s like to stay at the Marriott
  • Hear about a couple of book ideas Vallon has

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