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Today I bringing you the second part of my March 2019 Aruba trip report.  This was actually recorded a while ago, but due to technical difficulties was not released until just now.  

On this episode, we talk about some of the restaurants we visited during the second part of our trip, including a couple of new ones.  We also talk about adopting our kittens from the Aruba animal shelter and the process of securing a flight home for those kittens.  Also, we talk about the Airbnb we used for the second half of our trip to the island.  So if any of this sounds interesting to you, please do enjoy episode 122 part B, of One Happy Podcast... the Officially Unofficial Podcast of the island of Aruba.

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Hey all! Maggie and I are down in Aruba as of this moment for our first vacation trip in the island for 2019 and we’re here to give you a blow by blow report of our experience so far.


Upon departing, we left Delaware on Friday night to fly out of BWI. We stayed at the Sheridan this time around which was great and ate some really good crab cakes which are Maryland’s specialty. After that, it was an early start the next morning for a 4 ½ flight to Aruba.




We chose Amigo for our car rental and saddled into our Kia Picanto. It’s a great little car that’s ideal for parking anywhere. Our plan for accommodations on this trip is to stay at our usual rental in Palm for the 1st half and then at an Airbnb in Noord for the 2nd half.


Dinner was spent at The Lazy Turtle, which was becoming a 1st-day tradition. The French Onion Soup they had was notably excellent. We planned to watch the Lighting Parade which was supposed to start at 8 pm until around midnight but we ended up coming too early and missed it.




The next morning, we had a lovely brunch with our friend Ann at Windows Restaurant and later in the day got the chance to head to the beach. Meltaway Cafe was the destination for dinner. It’s a cool place with a unique concept which is serving cheese-based food.




Today we opted to go to the beach early and spent almost the entire day at Palm while grabbing some food at Eduardo’s and Scott’s Brats in between. We didn't leave the beach until 5:30 pm, then headed to dinner with Ann again at this new place called Opus Restaurant. We definitely recommend this place. Their food was awesome and they had an excellent staff. This was followed by a short trip to Marriott Stellaris for some gelato which in our opinion is the best on the island.




This day was filled with excitement as we headed over to the animal shelter, and ended up choosing 2 kittens to adopt. We named our two new bundles of joy Kiki and Koko. We still need time to work out the adoption process so we can fly them back with us to the U.S. but we’re very looking forward to welcoming them in our family!

That’s it for our trip report for part 1, stay tuned for the remaining parts!


Hear about my story of...

- almost losing my credit card

- our flight attendant showing her bartending skills

- the waiter at The Lazy Turtle being unintentionally funny




- The Lazy Turtle

- Amigo Car Rental

- Windows Restaurant

- Meltaway Cafe

- Eduardo's Beach Shack

- Scott's Brats

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