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Today on Episode 28 of One Happy Podcast we travel to Aruba with newlyweds Craig and Dee Bell.  A few months ago I met Dee on one of the Facebook groups as she was planning a honeymoon to One Happy Island. She really stood out as someone who wanted to do more than just travel to an island and sit under a palm tree, Dee wanted to really get to know the ins and outs of where she was going.  It was apparent by the questions Dee asked that she wasn’t your average vacation… she was one of us.

Through conversations I learned that she had stumbled across my podcast and asked if she would like to be a guest upon her return.  Luckily for me (and you guys) she said yes, which brings us to now.  Now Dee is here with her brand new husband Craig to take us on a journey to their Aruba.  

On this episode we get a chance to look at Aruba through the eyes of someone who had never visited before.  It all starts with how they met and fell in love… who doesn’t enjoy a good love story.  Then we talk about how they ended up going to Aruba, an island neither of them knew about, for their honeymoon.  

Whether you’ve been visiting so long that you can’t really remember your first visit or if you are someone who has yet to step foot on Aruba, you’ll get something from this episode of One Happy Podcast.  We hear Craig and Dee describe in their own words what was like when they first exited the airport.  From their they take us on a little tour of the Riu Antillas including a description of the beach, dining areas and the oceanfront view from the 11th floor.  

While it is true that the Riu Antillas is an all-inclusive, don’t think Craig and Dee spent all of their time on property.  They also tell us about a couple of restaurants they visited off property; the super romantic Passion’s on the Beach and ever popular Linda’s Dutch Pancakes.  If that isn’t enough we also get a very detailed description of two excursions these honeymooners enjoyed while on the island.  Of course we finish it all off with a visit to the “Eye of the Hurricane”.  All together this episode is about 40 minutes of imagery and information for your listening pleasure as told by those who experienced it, Craig and Dee Bell.  

On This Episode You Will Hear About:

  • The circumstances that led to them choosing Aruba for their honeymoon
  • Their first impressions of Aruba
  • Quite possibly the best view on the island
  • What the food is like at the Riu Antillas all-inclusive
  • Two excursions they recommend for Aruba vacationers
  • What does it take to get a palapa on the beach

 Aruba Accommodations and Attractions Mentioned This Episode:

  • The Aruba Riu Palace Antillas

Aruba Restaurants Mentioned This Episode:

  • Coco’s Mojito Stand
  • Linda’s Dutch Pancakes
  • Passion’s on the Beach
  • The themed Restaurants at the Riu Antillas

Links and Resources Mentioned This Episode:

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Today’s episode of One Happy Podcast is my pre-vacation episode.  What that means is the majority of the show will be me talking about my upcoming trip to Aruba.  I am scheduled to fly out tomorrow morning at 7ish and will be on island until September 14th.  So if you want to know what I will be up to on this upcoming trip this is the episode for you.  If you couldn’t care less what I’ll be up to but want to hear a little Aruba talk this is also the episode for you. 

On this episode we start with the night before vacation and what that typically means for us.  After that I take you through my morning as well as what we plan on doing upon our landing in Aruba.  If you have ever been curious about renting a vacation home I talk a bit about some of the items you’ll want to stock up on upon arrival.  This time around it seems like I have a pretty large list of restaurants I want to visit, so I’ll be talking about that and also how I plan on spending my days and nights in Aruba.  Towards the end Maggie joins me to talk a bit about what she’s looking forward to doing on this trip to Aruba.


On This Episode You Will Hear About:

  • Why we drive further to fly out of BWI instead of PHL
  • How to arrive in Aruba refreshed even after an early flight
  • What items I consider must haves to stock up our villa
  • My restaurant list for this upcoming Aruba vacation
  • How I plan on kicking off this upcoming NFL season
  • What organized activities if any I am planning on doing this trip


Aruba Restaurants Mentioned This Episode:

  • Buster’s
  • Casa Tua
  • Local Store
  • Matthews
  • Quinta Del Carmen
  • Tango Argentine Grill
  • The Sultan
  • Urataka Center
  • Zeerover’s


Links and Resources Mentioned This Episode:

  • forums
  • One Happy Podcast on Facebook
  • Parksleepfly
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