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Are you familiar with Full Throttle Tours in Aruba? Whether you are or not, come tune in to this episode of One Happy Podcast to hear more from the couple behind it, Tammy and Jay Zuschlag.

Tammy and Jay have been residents of Aruba for a while now. They've planned to move to an island since long ago. While plans to move to other places like Belize and Barbados fell apart, everything just fell into place with Aruba and thus the whole family is now happily residing in the Happy Island where they started their business.

We find out about how long was the transition phase of fully integrating to the island. This information should definitely be considered as valuable to those planning or dreaming to one day do the same. We also talk about the reason why they decided to start the business, the reason they chose to start a boating and snorkeling business, how they went about getting a boat, and what it was like to take it for that first spin.

Some of the most interesting things we discussed are their thoughts on what are the easiest and most difficult parts of the process of starting up the Full Throttle Tours Aruba.

So what sets Full Throttle Tours Aruba apart from the rest? Well, on Full Throttle Tours you get to experience drift snorkeling at the Arashi Reef. For those not familiar, drift snorkeling involves floating along the current with the boat following you, which is a unique way to observe the underwater life. What really sets Full Throttle Tours apart is the thrill ride you get to experience all the way to Mangel Halto where you can then snorkel around a sunken ship and a gorgeous reef.

Full Throttle Tours can be booked online via or Facebook (Full Throttle Tours Aruba). This is a unique 2 and a half hour journey filled with thrills and fun. Snorkel gear, snacks and cold refreshments (the rum punch is a must try!) are fully provided. It's a fun and safe experience that everyone should most definitely try.

- Hear a story about a family packing up and relocating to Aruba
- Gain valuable tips and information if you have plans to move and start a business there.
- Know how it's like to start a business in Aruba.
- Be absolutely convinced to go on a Full Throttle Tour!

- Alfie's in Aruba
- Full Throttle Tours Aruba 
- Renaissance Island

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Let's get the show going for One Happy Podcast's long-awaited 100th episode, where we turn the tables by having a good friend and guest, Louis Johnson, interview me this time around in what we dub as the "Aruba Curt Special".


Louis is actually the guy who inspired me to continue on with this podcast when I was just starting out, so it really is meaningful to have him be with me in this special milestone of an episode.


In here, I get asked a bunch of questions about the podcast and myself including what made me decide to a podcast, how do I find guests, and do I have a certain criteria for choosing them. I also relay my Aruba story, and it may come as a surprise to you all that it wasn't love at first sight with the island for me at all.


We also talk about my first impression upon seeing the gorgeous sunsets in Aruba, know where me and Maggie usually stay in the island, our favorite restaurants, the excursions I like to go to, and recommendations.


One important point in our discussion is how do I convince people to go to Aruba. Among the reasons listed: Aruba is below the hurricane belt, there are direct flights coming from the USA, everyone speaks English in the island, American money is accepted, no one haggles you about anything, and the crime rate is very low.


Of course, a One Happy Podcast interview is not complete without the "Eye of the Hurricane", and in addition to that, Louis threw me a curve-ball in the form of a new segment called the "Millionaire's Dream Package". Tune in to find out what that is!


The interview ends on a positive note with Louis asking me what my plans are for One Happy Podcast going forward and him offering valuable suggestions.


I would also like to take this time to thank each and every one of you dear listeners who stuck with One Happy Podcast all this time. It has been an amazing journey. Here's to a hundred more episodes ahead!




- Hear why I decided to start One Happy Podcast

- Hear why I still get nervous before every show

- Have an idea of who would be my ideal guest in a podcast

- Hear about Cheryl Talcof, the woman who encouraged me to go Aruba skydiving

- Hear a great story about an Aruba kindness done to Louis, and paying it forward



Quinta del Carmen

Yemanja Woodfire Grill

Skydive Aruba

Aruba Ray Comedy

Kukoo Kunuku Bus


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Strap yourselves in for a holiday season full of raucous laughter as master comedian "Aruba" Ray Ellin joins us once again to discuss the return of Aruba Ray Comedy to One Happy Island this coming 12th of November to the 20th of December.


He is truly one of the most passionate Aruba fanatics I've ever met, and soon he'll back to Aruba with his merry gang of excellent comedians to make the entire island laugh.


I sure wish I could be down there at the same time. In case you're not familiar, Aruba can get slow around the evenings without a lot of entertainment options to choose from; and no doubt Aruba Ray Comedy is the best nighttime entertainment activity that you can get in the island. I've watched the shows multiple times and every single one of them had been hilarious.


Ray and I talk about the comedians that will join him. A lot of them will be first-timers in Aruba so it's bound to be exciting! He's positive that this might end up being the best line-up in the history of Aruba Ray's Comedy. The top-notch comedians are as follows:


  • Des Bishop
  • Mia Jackson
  • Don Gavin
  • Tony Woods
  • Anthony DeVito
  • Robert Kelly
  • Tom Cotter
  • Kerri Louise
  • Eric Neumann
  • Christine Hurley
  • Tony V.
  • Pete Lee
  • Joey Vega
  • Brian Scott McFadden


For more information about the line-up and shows, you can visit It is encouraged for interested persons to purchase tickets online because it's more guaranteed and can save money. As an added perk, there will be a raffle after the show for a few lucky ticket holders.


If by some chance you will have to give the upcoming shows a miss due to lack of opportunities in heading down the island (like me), don't worry! Aruba Ray Comedy does a series of shows for about 3 times a year so make sure to drop by in Aruba during one. One Happy Podcast and "Aruba" Ray Ellin himself will keep you posted for any updates.



- Learn why Aruba Ray Comedy is encouraged as an adult-only event; however, children are allowed on the parents' own volition

- Hear about Ray's experience at George Clooney's Halloween party

- Hear about Ray's performance at The Carney Awards in front of big time actors like William H. Macy



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So here we are to finish out the last part of our play-by-play October 2017 Aruba Trip Report. At the end of episode 3, we were hanging out at Arashi beach enjoying the sunset but now we're in our living room back in Delaware, where it's a far cry from the nice and sunny weather in One Happy Island.


The last time we left off, it was Thursday around dusk. We went for dinner at Twist of Flavors, which was fantastic. We thought we would get food from the Eat Local Restaurant Month menu, but we just got what's in the regular menu because honestly, everything sounded great. Twist of Flavors was really nice. It's a small place but it has good service and tasteful d├ęcor.


Later on we headed home to unwind and play a game called Chill Out. It's basically a card game with a bunch of peppers on top. The goal is to get rid of your set of cards before anyone else. Maggie personally loves to play games with family, and we really enjoyed this one especially since we turn every game into a drinking game.


Friday morning, we woke up early to go to Mangel Halto. It was our first time there. Unfortunately Maggie and I didn't get to snorkel because we forgot to bring our snorkeling gear, but we did enjoy the scenery a lot.


Afterwards we found ourselves in one of our favorite spots in the island which we personally call Eagle Beach Adjacent. It's a little clearing between Oceania and Screaming Eagle that no one really goes to. There, we witnessed a lovely little wedding.


Following the wedding is our little detour to the Arubian Taste Rum Shop. You can sample more than a hundred different flavors of rum there. Every time we go, they seem to have a brand new flavor for us to try.


We had Alfie's for dinner that night. During our last trip to Aruba back in July, we didn't get to have poutine on Canada Day because they ran out, so we made sure we would get some this time and boy, it did not disappoint! It was as delicious as we remembered it to be.


As we got closer to the end of our trip, we made it a point to get up earlier so come Saturday morning, we were already at Palm Beach before 8 a.m. and didn't leave until around 5:30 in the evening. The rest of the day was spent with me meeting up with a new friend named Louie, and dinner at Quinta del Carmen's with our favorite waiter, Wilmer. He always takes care of us well whenever we go there. We ended the day on a pleasant note by playing Chill Out again. For us, playing cards with the family is a good way to unwind and look back on the events of the day.


Sunday was our last full day in the island so we got up early again and chose Eagle Beach Adjacent as our destination. We had about 3 and a half hours of perfect Aruba weather until it started pouring, so we got out to get pizza at a new place in Alhambra's called Hungry Piranha. It was alright; you can't really get amazing pizza in the island anyway to be honest. We went back to the beach for about 15 minutes until the rain started again so we just gave up, drove around, explored the island for the remaining hours. Dinner was spent on Chicken and Lobster which was pretty decent; funnily enough we didn't get chicken or lobster even though it's the namesake of the restaurant. The best thing about the place is the service, no doubt.


Come Monday morning, we had to deal with the sadness of parting with Aruba yet again. We headed over to Eduardo's for some snacks and Eagle Beach Adjacent for the last time to relax then straight home to finish packing before going to the airport. We had a little bit of a delay upon returning the rental car but everything turned out alright in the end. The flight back to the States was uneventful, just how we like it, and we arrived safely home around 7 in the evening.


That marks the end of our 4-part October trip series. All in all, it was a great trip and we can't wait to do it again. We hope you enjoyed the ride along with us. Whenever you feel like getting a dose of Aruba sunshine, just tune in to One Happy Podcast's numerous episodes, close your eyes, and imagine you're in Aruba.



- Hear a few more restaurant reviews including a couple of new (for us) places

- Hear about Maggie's experience with fresh aloe

- Hear about an awesome wedding experience we stumbled onto

- Find out what we did during our first ever Aruba rainout



Twist of Flavors

Quinta del Carmen

Chicken and Lobster


Screaming Eagle

The Arubian Taste Liqueur and Rum Shop

Hungry Piranha



Bananas Apartments

L.G. Smith

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