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On today's episode of One Happy Podcast, we are tackling an issue that is near and dear to many of our hearts.  What do you do in Aruba after the sun goes down?  

Aruba is absolutely incredible during the daytime and even in the early evening.  Also, the culinary offerings available on the island are some of the best in the Caribbean.  However, it's been said that after dinner Aruba lags behind some of the other islands in the Caribbean.  

Now if you have been visiting for a while you are probably on your way to developing a network amongst locals.  But if you are relatively new to the island or if you are someone that likes to stay close to the resort your view of Aruba nightlife may be very different.  This episode of the show takes a look at some of the nightlife options available to tourists on the island of Aruba.

On this episode of One Happy Podcast you will hear about:

On This Episode of One Happy Podcast You Will Learn:

  • Where the best karaoke is on the island.
  • What fun in a bottle means.
  • The only place to find world class comedy on the island.
  • How to get a taste of Carnival year round.


Resorts, Restaurants, and resources mentioned on this episode of the show:


The comedic lineup for Aruba Ray’s Comedy

RAY ELLIN - - JUNE 12th to JULY 21st


JOEY KOLA - - JUNE 12th to JUNE 14th

SEAN DONNELLY - - JUNE 12th to JUNE 14th

TONY WOODS - - JUNE 15th to JUNE 22nd

YANNIS PAPPAS - - JUNE 15th to JUNE 17th

ANDREW SCHULZ  - - JUNE 17th to JUNE 20th

JOEY VEGA - - JUNE 19th to JUNE 26th

GARY VIDER - - JUNE 23rd to JUNE 26th

LEONARD OUZTS - - JUNE 23rd to JUNE 26th



PETE LEE - - JULY 9th to JULY 12th

CHUCK NICE - - JULY 8th to JULY 12th

DAN NATURMAN - - JULY 10th to JULY 17th

BRIAN McFADDEN - - JULY 14th to JULY 21st


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Joining me on this 49th episode of One Happy Podcast is friend of the show, Cheryl Talcof.  Now as many of you probably remember, Cheryl was a guest on a previous episode, just about one year ago.  Actually I recorded her first appearance on May 19th of last year.  Well she is back once again to talk about some things happening on the island.  


We start off talking about a new gourmet grocery store that is coming to the island. I’m sure this will be a welcome addition to not only residents but those of us who don’t mind cooking while on vacation.  Cheryl also breaks the news about a very popular pizza parlor that is making a major location change.  Rounding out our food talk is her endorsement on a restaurant that I missed the last time I was down in Aruba. Its called La Terrazza Italiana and I was bummed that it was closed our last night in paradise.


Cheryl and I also spend a bit of time talking about the Aruba Animal Relief Foundation, including a new(ish) event they have going on.  You may have seen postings or advertisements about something called Yappy hour.  Well, Aruba Yappy Hour is actually Cheryl’s baby and whatever you read about it, doesn’t do it justice the way hearing it straight from one of the organizer’s will.  


On this episode of One Happy Podcast you will hear about:

  • A new gourmet market opening up in Paradera
  • Which popular Pizza place is picking up and moving and why
  • An incredible Italian restaurant that you may not have tried
  • How you can support the Aruba Animal Relief Foundation
  • What a Yappy hour is and why this event is so popular in Aruba


Properties and Restaurants mentioned on this episode of the show:

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