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In just a couple of days, Maggie — who you may be familiar with in a lot of previous episodes — and I are heading out to Aruba for our second trip this year and we are ready to go beach hopping and have some fun in the sun!


This will be the first part of what I'd like to call our Summer 2017 Getaway trilogy. We'll be doing an episode before the trip which is this one, another episode during our trip, and then the finale, after the trip, as a post-vacation wrap-up.


The last time we went to Aruba was on March earlier this year, and now we are going back to the One Happy Island this summer just in time for the Fourth of July, in celebration of America's 241st Independence Day. This is our first time joining in the festivities while on the island and we're excited to see the fireworks display from Palm Beach. We'll make sure to have a toast for all of you listeners too.


We also talk about the things that we're looking forward to the most in this trip which include soaking up the sun in Aruba's beautiful beaches as usual, dressing up in red and white to celebrate Canada Day with friends on the 1st of July, gearing ourselves up for a night of laughter in Aruba Ray's Comedy show (EP87 went more in detail with this), having our curiosity piqued with Guy "Master of the Mind" Bavli's mind-bending performance, and of course, getting out tummies filled with delicious food. We list out a bunch of restaurants that we're planning to check out — from pubs to traditional restaurants to the most recommended places by our listeners to the best pizzerias in the island to Italian ristorantes. So many places, so few nights!


Maggie and I can't wait to see what the island has in store for us this time! We have no doubt that it will be a blast.


On this episode of One Happy Podcast, you will:

- Know our favorite beaches to spend time in and admire the aesthetics of.

- Get a list of restaurants that we want to check out, which YOU might want to check out too.

- Find out more about the Canada Day celebration at Alfie's and how I plan on being Canadian for a day.

- Hear about our experience in car rental, recommended companies, and some useful tips.

- Hear about a new speed boat excursion coming to the island of Aruba


Restaurants mentioned:


Legends Pub

Quinta del Carmen

Barefoot Restaurant

Flying Fishbone Restaurant

Local Store


Pizza Bob's Restaurant & Pub

Casa Tua Pizzeria

Amore Mio Pizzeria

Yemanja Woodfire Grill


Gasparito Restaurant

Twist of Flavors Restaurant

Azzurro Ristorante Italiano

Sole Mare Ristorante


Services, establishments, music acts, performers, and personalities mentioned:



The Black Sheeps

Aruba Ray's Comedy

Guy Bavli

The Alhambra Casino

Stan Lee

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Give it up for one of the most hilarious and genuine guys I know, Aruba Ray Ellin, as we welcome him back for another episode of One Happy Podcast! Ray and I catch up with some things we've missed out on and talk about his upcoming shows of Aruba Ray's Comedy at the Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino.


Here's the thing - Ray has nothing but excitement and praise for the line-up so anyone who's planning to attend are in for a real good time. Along with Aruba veteran comedians, Ray will be joined by some new faces who will be making their first trip to the island. One thing's for sure, they are all on a mission to make Aruba ring with laughter.


Ray discusses all the perks one can get when attending the shows. Good food and drinks? Yeah. Great atmosphere? Sure. A grand time filled with endless laughs? Guaranteed. For each ticket, there will also be free slot cash or match play in the Stellaris Casino.


From June 24th to July 29th, a whole new set of shows will be happening at the Marriott. Here are the outstanding comedians who will be joining Ray Ellin in Aruba Ray's Comedy.


  • Tony Woods
  • Costaki Economopoulos
  • Gregg Rogell
  • Pete Lee
  • Mike Britt
  • Veronica Mosey
  • Adrienne Iiapalucci
  • Nimesh Patel
  • Dan Naturman
  • Brian McFadden
  • Chris Distefano
  • Chuck Nice
  • Tony V.
  • Gary Vider
  • Joe Vega
  • Lynne Koplitz


Go check out their website to find out more about this top New York City comedy club transported to paradise.


On another note, as I will be in Aruba on the 4th of July, Ray pitches in some tips I could use to make the most out of the experience and this goes for all of you who are also heading to Aruba on the same period.


Apart from that, Ray shares his experiences of going on trips to the other side of the island which looks far from the touristy side. Travelers who are looking for a more adventurous time would definitely enjoy the raw, natural beauty of the less-visited parts of Aruba. For the foodies out there, which I know most of us are, Ray lists a couple of food trucks or restaurants you can add to your list of places to eat in the island.



On this episode of One Happy Podcast, you will:

- Get to know more about the comedians that are included in the line-up for Aruba Ray's Comedy; where they have made an appearance and some of their credentials

- Hear Ray talk about Jimmy Fallon and how I share the same taste as Fallon when it comes to cheesesteaks

- Know why Aruba Ray's Comedy got a rating of #1 on TripAdvisor

- Listen to Ray explain the initiation process they've got for the new guys in Aruba Ray's Comedy (not to be taken seriously)

- Hear about what's it like in Aruba on the 4th of July and some tips that Ray can share for first-timers

- Find out what it's like on the other side of the island and what are the natural wonders you can see in there

- Know some of the best food trucks and restaurants in Aruba that Ray recommends

- Hear about Ray's wonderful experience with customer service in a car rental place in Aruba


Restaurants, establishments, properties, and services mentioned:

Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino

Alto Vista Chapel

Chalo Burger

Eataly Food Truck Aruba

El Mexicano Aruba Taco Truck

Fermin's Bar BQ

Legends Pub

Eduardo's Beach Shack

Scott's Brats

Hertz Car Rental Aruba

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Joining me today on One Happy Podcast is an Aruba visitor who has been coming to the island for 45 years.  After being introduced to the island by her parents at the age of 4, naturally, Ginny O. developed an unbreakable bond.  That bond which was forged as Ginny was growing up was one she would hope to one day share with her family.  Now that the dream is a reality Ginny travels to the island with her family and they now all share that same deep connection with the island.  

On this episode of One Happy Podcast, Ginny takes us for a trip down her personal memory lane that encompasses countless Aruba trips spanning four and a half decades.  This is an awesome episode for you long time visitors with memories of the Aruba from yesteryear. However, short-timers will also appreciate Ginny’s love for Aruba and everyone will be able to appreciate the family aspect of this podcast.  

On this episode of One Happy Podcast, you will:

  • Hear about some of Ginny’s favorite places in Aruba to snorkel
  • Learn about Vincent the limbo dancer from 70s and 80s
  • Find out what it’s like to step on a sea urchin
  • Hear about some restaurants and properties you probably never knew existed
  • Learn the significance of the old Westin clock from one of the kids who grew up on the island


Properties and Services mentioned this episode:

Restaurants and Excursions mentioned this episode:

  • Skydive Aruba


  • Salt and Pepper
  • Club Visage
  • Gusto
  • Moomba
  • Tattoo Party Boat
  • The Paddock
  • Sole Mar
  • Passions on the Beach
  • Tulips


Links and Resources Mentioned in this episode of the show:

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