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For 8 glorious days, Maggie and I will be down in Aruba on the 22th to 30th of October for our third trip of the year. As it is the third trip, we have to adhere to a stricter budget this time around while not skimping on the fun.

The three most important factors to keep in mind when traveling to Aruba are airfare, accommodations, and spending money.

For airfare, where you leave and where you choose to fly can have a huge impact on your flight. We like to find flights on then follow it up with checking on the actual airline websites afterwards. It works well for us and gives us the best bang for our buck.

As for accommodations, there are plenty of choices: hotels, condos, all-inclusives, and timeshares. We personally love going for a rental because it fits our needs perfectly. Plus we really just need a place to rest and sleep that is comfortable, clean, has a convenient location, and gives us privacy so a rental home is our go-to.

Lastly, for spending money, people like to do a lot of various things. Some like to go to excursions while others prefer to just simply hop around the island to explore on their own. We're more of the latter but we want to change things around for this trip so we're planning to go to some excursions especially since we're taking Maggie's daughter along. We wish for her trip to be as fun and memorable as possible.

One of the excursions we're eyeing is Aruba Outdoor Adventures, which involves pedal kayaking. Another one is Full Throttle Tours, where they'll take you on a speed boat to a lot of different areas and snorkel.

As usual, we will be staying on the Palm Beach area which is a great launching pad for our adventures and is also an ideal location to get to anywhere in the island. This upcoming trip will be a little different compared to our trips. We intend to a experience a lot of new restaurants. The goal is to go to 4-6 new places that will excite our taste buds.

 Stay tuned for our future episodes because we will go very in-depth with the restaurants as well as document how we spend so you may be able to get an idea on how to manage your finances for your own Aruba trips.


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