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Joining me today for the 42nd episode of One Happy Podcast is an Aruba veteran of 18+ trips.  Having first visited Aruba for his “Funny moon” in 2001 Jay Stull immediately fell in love with the island of Aruba.  Whether it’s the beautiful beaches, ice cold Amstel Bright’s or gentle nature of the island, Jay appreciates Aruba in a way that every visitor should.  

While he frequents and loves the Marriott Ocean Club where he and his wife own a timeshare, Jay also has an appreciation for the rest of Aruba.  Throughout this conversation Jay clues me in on some Aruba bars and restaurants that are not to be missed.  We talk about quite a few restaurants that are rare mentions on the podcast such as Cafe 080 and the Casibari Cafe as well as Aruba staples like Papiamento restaurant.  

In total this interview lasts just over 40 minutes and is full of information that not only newbies but those who have been visiting the island for many years will appreciate.  Whether you want to pick up a bit of the local language, learn a quick way to do a florin to dollar conversion or hear a rundown of some of the best casual dining spots on the island; this is the episode for you.


On This Episode of One Happy Podcast You Will Learn:

  • The ideal qualities for making friends on the island of Aruba
  • Who has the coldest Amstel Bright’s on the island
  • Why if you have a freezer you need to have red solo cups
  • A math hack to convert florins to dollars in your head
  • Where in Aruba you can find a real life knight


Restaurants and Attractions Mentioned on this Episode:


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Joining me today on One Happy Podcast is a whole group of guests, the Dion family.  That’s right today I have 4 guests willing to share their Aruba story.  More accurately I guess I should say four-fifths of the Dion family as Rich, the dad could not make it.  However in his absence Jacki (mom), Brianna (daughter), Jason and Michael (sons) do an exceptional job telling us all about their Aruba.


The Dion’s have been visiting Aruba for about 10 years and currently are timeshare owners at LaCabana which is described by Brianna as being the best resort on the island. Typically traveling with a group that can range anywhere for a handful to a bus-full of people (their largest group totaled more than 50) the Dion’s love being able to spend quality family time on the island they all care for so much.  In this episode we discuss what it means to be able to take a family vacation.  Also I learn more about the LaCabana resort and its grounds.  


As amazing as it sounds, this episode isn’t only about what goes on at LaCabana.  On episode 41 we also talk about things the Dion’s like to do away from the Eagle Beach area.  Aruba has so much to offer and the Dion’s take full advantage of it.  Depending on mood, sometimes they go exploring the backside of the island, snorkeling at DePalm Island or enjoying one of the many fantastic restaurants that Aruba has to offer.  No matter what they are doing its clear the Dion’s love to have a great time.  If you are someone who is looking to take a family vacation to the island of Aruba, this is the episode for you


On This Episode of One Happy Podcast You Will Learn:


  • What LaCabana has to offer for a family vacation
  • Why your kid would absolutely love De Palm island
  • How making use of the kitchen at LaCabana makes Aruba more economical
  • About some of the best kid friendly restaurants Aruba has to offer
  • Why you should consider making your next family vacation an Aruba vacation
  • One of the best resources and communities for learning about Aruba


Restaurants and Attractions Mentioned on this Episode:


  • Chalet Swiss
  • Iguana Joe’s
  • Islander Grill
  • La Trattoria el Faro Blanco
  • Pata Pata Bar
  • Pizza Bob’s
  • Texas De Brazil Aruba


  • The Backside of the Island
  • The California Lighthouse
  • De Palm Island
  • La Cabana


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On the 40th episode of One Happy podcast, Aruba Ray Ellin stops past tell talk about the newest installment of “Aruba Ray’s Comedy”.  He and his cohorts will have shows running from February 3rd through March 4th at the Aruba Marriott Stellaris Hotel and Casino.  Each night will feature Ray Ellin as your host and two other New York city comic’s doing a 90 minute show.  


In my opinion Aruba Ray’s Comedy is the best way to spend an evening on the island.  In September I was able to catch two shows and both were fantastic. If you are a fan of comedy clubs there is nothing else like this in Aruba.  If you are someone who has never been to a comedy club Aruba Ray’s Comedy is a great introduction into what you have been missing out on.  


Ray himself is an extremely accomplished NYC comedian and all of the guests he brings down to the island are equally incredible.  These guys and girls have been featured on late night shows such as the Tonight Show, David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O’Brien.  The have been in major motion pictures such as “Trainwreck” with Amy Schumer, “Invincible” with Mark Wahlberg and “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” with Ben Stiller.  I have actually been a fan of one of the comics, Tony Woods for about decade when I saw him in P Diddy’s “Bad Boys of Comedy”.  So many of you will probably recognize many others Last Comic Standing, TRU Tv, HGTV and comedy specials of their own on HBO, Showtime and Comedy Central. Basically what I am saying is normally you would need to visit a big city comedy club to see this level of talent.


Here is a list of who will take part in the February 3rd through March 4th 2016 shows and specific dates:


  • Ray Ellin: February  3 - March 4
  • Tony Woods: February 3 - February 10
  • Chris Distefano: February 3 - February 6
  • Dov Davidoff: February 6 - February 9
  • Dan Naturman: February 11 - February 16
  • Chuck Nice: February 10 - February 16
  • Marina Franklin: February 19 - February 24
  • Joey Vega: February 19 - February 25
  • Mike Britt: February 19 - February 24
  • Ted Alexandro: February 25 - February 28
  • Brian Scott McFadden: February 27 - March 4
  • Lenny Marcus: February 29 - March 4


You can buy tickets at the Amsterdam Ballroom Showroom Door at 7:30pm subject to availability but they do sell out so if I were you I would choose a date and purchase tickets right now.  Visit to get your tickets today!


You also get a couple of perks with your ticket purchase:

20% off Aruba La Vista Buffet

Free Stellaris Casino Slot Credit


There is also an optional 4 hour Premium open bar for only 22 additional dollars

Please note that you cannot purchase tickets online after 5:30pm on the day of the show

Restaurant’s Mentioned this episode:

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An Aruba expense report is the topic of discussion on episode 39 of One Happy Podcast.  The idea for this episode came from a few questions I recently saw on the Aruba Facebook groups.  Would be visitors to the island were asking for advice on how much they would be looking at spending while on the island.  Estimates were all over the place, with none being very specific.  I don’t blame the people answering the questions for this vagueness as it’s a natural limitation to Facebook groups.  It’s just really hard to give a complete answer on a one paragraph Facebook post.  Thankfully I have a podcast, which allows me to give a much more detailed answers.


On this episode of the show I use my September 2015 Aruba trip as an example of what a trip to Aruba can cost.  What I do with that data is list actual prices we paid for car rentals and dinners on the island.  Hopefully by providing that information to you guys it will help you figure out your own budgeting.  This post is geared more towards Aruba newbies but can also prove helpful for anyone wondering how their expenses stack up.


Sometimes it comes off like it’s taboo to discuss specific numbers, but in my opinion specifics are the only way to be helpful.  When someone asks for recommendations for an affordable place to eat if only a name is tossed out it means nothing.  Affordable to you may be completely different than it does for the person asking the question.  By providing not only the actual amount spent at a particular restaurant but what it was spent on it allows for a more complete picture for the person making the inquiry.


On This Episode of One Happy Podcast you will:


  • Hear the total amount I spent on food, drinks and transportation during that 9 day trip
  • Learn the exact cost of my rental from Royal Aruba
  • Find out what I bring from home to cut down on my booze bill
  • Learn more about the Aruba food truck scene
  • Get exact dollar amounts spent in some of the more popular restaurants in Aruba


Restaurants Mentioned this episode:



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