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Joining me today on One Happy Podcast is a guest that many of you are already familiar with… Maggie G.  Maggie has appeared on the show a couple of other times and as she is my partner in crime is back to talk about our latest trip to Aruba.  This latest trip took place from February 27th through March 7th and this is our recap.  The format of this particular episode is our top 3 moments from this trip to paradise.

The way things flow is we each take turns revealing our top 3 moments from the trip.  The truth is we probably could record this episode 100 times and come up with 100 different lists.  However we have decided to stick with this particular episode because… there was alcohol involved.  If you notice a difference in the tone of the show it probably has to do with the fact that this was recorded St. Patrick’s weekend and copious amounts of alcohol were consumed.  

This interview lasts just under 40 minutes and the quality of the content actually remained a mystery until just the other day.  I mean while I was recording I thought it was fantastic.  The question was would it be as good sober?  When I finally mustered up the courage to listen I realized it wasn’t nearly the train wreck I thought it would be.  In fact actually pretty good with certain parts being hilarious.  So with a little encouragement from my friends over at the “Friends of One Happy Podcast” Facebook group I decided to release it (with a bit of editing) for your listening pleasure.

On This Episode of One Happy Podcast You Will Learn:

  • How Maggie feels about people sitting too close at the beach
  • What time of day is my favorite for visiting Arashi beach
  • The Ethics of obstructing someone's view
  • Why it's okay to fall in love at the Aruba Animal Shelter even if you aren't adopting
  • Why there is a beach for everyone in Aruba
  • About the perfection of watching the sun rise over Alto Vista

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